Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Solo Taxonomy

We have been using the key competency - thinking.
Watch our slide show to see how we have been learning to think!


  1. Hi Room 9

    I am a teacher who just came across your blog and I was very interested in your information about SOLO taxonomy. You provide some great descriptions and isn't it easy to have pictures to remind us to think deeply.

    I wonder if you might post on your blog some examples of when you remember to use your thinking skills?

  2. Hi Toni

    Next term we will take photos of our work to give you an example. Thank you Toni for looking at our blog.

    From Tyler and Ellie

  3. Hi Room 9

    You have some awesome stuff on your blog. Room 9 rocks!

    From Tracey (Charlotte's mum)

  4. Hi room9

    what a great blog you have it is nice to see the zoe wrighting on the blog

    from zoe dad


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