Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fish Philosophy

We want our class to be an awesome room.  We want people to feel welcome at our school.  We try and be their friend using fish philosophy. This means being there, making their day, choosing your attitude and playing!  Having fun makes you feel happy in the inside. (by Jaxon)

We use fish philiosophy to practice the key competency 'relating to others' :)  It also links to our school value 'getting along'. At the end of each day a student awards the fish to a class mate they think has demonstrated fish philosophy that day. On the slide show are students who have been awarded the fish this term and the fish philosophy cards we display in our classroom. (by Miss Watts a.k.a Emma!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Solo Taxonomy

We have been using the key competency - thinking.
Watch our slide show to see how we have been learning to think!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Watch the slide show to find out how we have been learning about fractions!

Fishing Trip

Once my family went on a fishing trip.  Our  fishing trip was on a boat.  I used my dads fishing pole and I caught a snapper. Good it was the right size,  so we took it home in a bucket of ice.  We ate it for dinner "yummy"!  The day was  fun.  I really want to go back again.  Fishing is fun!

I remembered what the Minstrel taught us:
  • always bring a ruler to make sure it is exactly 24 center meters
  • if its bigger or smaller, gently release it with a wet cloth so babys have a chance to grow and mummies and daddies can have babies
  • take a fish home in a bucket of ice other wise they go yuck 
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hockey with Room 9

Today we went to the playground and practiced hockey skills.  We juggled hockey balls on our sticks.  We learnt how to dribble hockey balls around cones.  Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard!  We played a game at the end called dog bone!  It was awesome fun!  Thank you to Aron for teaching us the skills.  Watch our video to see what we did. (By Jed & Trent)
In a class discussion (after I had made a comment on this post in which I asked a question about our school values) the students decided that we used our school values of resilience and persistence.  We decided that these school values are part of the key competency 'managing self'.  Read the comments about this blog to find out what persistence and resilience means to Room 9. (By Miss Watts a.k.a Emma!)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Comprehension Skills

We have been practicing our comprehension skills in reading lessons. One of the skills we practiced was called visualising. Our teacher read us a description of an animal. We had to listen and draw the picture that was created in our heads. Watch our movie to find out what creature we had to visualise.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun Gala

On Sunday the Tahunanui School Gala was on. We were trying to make money for our swimming pool.

I went on the water slide, it was very fun. It was so fun because I got wet and I went down in my school clothes. At the gala I went to go and play a game called coconut shy. I made two out of three coconuts fall off. I won a prize I picked a tank as my prize.

It was a great fun day. We can't wait till the next School Gala