Thursday, June 9, 2011

What does Against All Odds Mean?

Binary opposites are words that are the opposite of each other.  Our inquiry is Against All Odds.  Miss Watts gave us some opposites; responsible/unresponsible, hot/cold, win/lose, succeed/fail, against/for and survive/die.  We had to write down ideas about these opposites and link it to our inquiry.

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  1. Hi miss watts

    that is a very nice movie.

    From Charlotte

  2. Hello Charlotte,

    Its a neat Web 2.0 tool that we learnt to use today. It was really easy to use. I am glad we learnt how to use it together as a class. It's great that we have now used an idea form Room 11's blog at E.G.S! What learning at school would you like to share using Animoto?

    From Miss Watts

  3. Hi Room9

    Sounds like you did really interesting work today on binary opposites. "Against all odds" is a cool topic.

    What else have you been learning this week?

    From Elena (Mabel's Mum)

  4. Hello Miss Watts

    The thing that I thought the class could do with Animoto is everyone got a piece of paper and wrote their ideas or the whole class could write down all of the things that we do in a week at school.

  5. Hi Charlotte

    I like your comment. You have watched the video, read the post and Elena's comment and come up with a new idea. Wonderful! Did you realise that you have synthesised? Remember the reading strategy we learnt today? Synthesising is a great skill to learn and not just for reading. I think it is a great idea. I think we could learn to use a new e-tool and use your idea to share our learning! We can post it on the blog and make books for our classroom! I visited a class recently who did this and made books :) Good thinking and creating Charlotte.

    Well done :)

    From Miss Watts

  6. Hi Miss Watts

    That would be wonderful if our class used my idea. Im looking forward to do my idea.

    from Charlotte


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