Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flax Weaving

First we had to fold paper and cut lines in it.  Next we used strips of paper to make weaving patterns.  This was a practice.   Then we will weave with flax.  We also read a book about flax bushes.  Mrs Paurini said we will make a Voicethread to share our learning! Keep checkin our blog please!


  1. Hi Braedan and Riley,
    Nice weaving.
    Are we going to do real fax weaving.
    from Connor and Jed

  2. Hi room 9.

    Its Abbie here just pop in to say hi to everyone,i miss you all,America is good and its very hot right now,we are having alot of fun.
    see you all in term 4.
    by the way great waxing nikita and everybody


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