Monday, May 30, 2011

What is a good digital citizen?

A digital citizen is a confident and capable user of ICT

What does this mean to Room 9?

A confident and capable user of ICT means you feel comfortable using the computer.  Capable means you can do it easily!  Our class is good at blogging, using Skype, PhotoStory3 and Windows Movie Maker.  We also love using the iPad.  We can use our IWB and our class camera.  We are also getting good at sharing our learning on Voicethread with the world.


  1. Hi there Room 9
    My name is Mackenzie from Room 8 at Melville Intermediate school in Hamilton
    Hayze and Me would love to work with you about Maori Launguage week later on we might be doing a maori hand game
    Hope to talk to you soon

  2. Hi my name is Hayze and I am a yr8 student at melville Intermediate school .....
    Mackenzie and I would love to teach you many things on Maori language week like how to make a poi and fun Maori games....

    HAZE WAS HERE 2011


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