Thursday, August 18, 2011

Writing Exciting Adventure Stories

In Room 9 we have been writing stories.  First we read lots of stories and had lots of discussion about what was in each story and what made them great!  Then we had a go at writing stories with Miss Watts' help.  Today we brainstormed all the things we needed to make a great story!

Story Structure:
  1. Title - a short bit of information about the story
  2. Orientation - describe who, when, where and why (don't give too much away)
  3. Complication - describe the problem, ask a question to create a climax
  4. Resolution - solve the problem, describe a happy or a sad ending 
WOW words
  1. Onomatopoeia 
  2. Alliteration
  3. Exciting verbs
  4. Adverbs - describe how, when or where the verbs happen
  5. Adjectives - describe what nouns (things/objects or people) look, feel or sound like
Use punctuation
  1. Ellipsis... to create a pause make it exciting and create tension
  2. Exclamation marks  - to make it exciting 
  3. Full stops & capital letters
Type of sentences
  1. Choose different words to start sentences
  2. Short sentences to create excitement and tension
  3. Long sentences to describe characters, setting, action, emotions, feeling (can be short)

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