Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fish Philosophy

We want our class to be an awesome room.  We want people to feel welcome at our school.  We try and be their friend using fish philosophy. This means being there, making their day, choosing your attitude and playing!  Having fun makes you feel happy in the inside. (by Jaxon)

We use fish philiosophy to practice the key competency 'relating to others' :)  It also links to our school value 'getting along'. At the end of each day a student awards the fish to a class mate they think has demonstrated fish philosophy that day. On the slide show are students who have been awarded the fish this term and the fish philosophy cards we display in our classroom. (by Miss Watts a.k.a Emma!)


  1. Hello room9

    Like it how Abbies next door to nikita for fish philiosophy. How did you guys make that wonderful smile. (:

    From (AbbiesDad)

  2. what are the fish like for eating?

    I like the animation you guys have done with the photos.

    Jeds Dad

  3. Hello there room 9

    What a lot of hard work you have all done on fish philosophy!

    Great work.

    Jaxon's Dad and Mum

  4. Hi jaxon

    I really like your fish philosophy video it looks really good on our blog. So jaxon how did you make this awesome video?

    from Andrew

  5. hello room 9 !!!! congratulations to ivy for getting the fish must feel so good ivy! cant wait to see who gets it next. Sheree(Ivy's mum)


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