Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aquarium Trip

This Term Room 9 and 11 went to the Aquarium.  We learnt about fishing for the future, just like the Minstrel did.

First of all, we went to the thinking room and we learnt about orange roughy.  We learnt that orange roughies are poisonous.

Then we went to the big tank with two eels.  We touched the eels, they felt so slimy!  Next, we went to the touch pools where there were baby sharks and one big shark.   We also saw eagle rays that are small types of stingrays.    Our t-shirts got wet! Finally, we went to the other touch pools, there were kinas and elephant slugs.  We touched the sea creatures and fish lots of times.

It was great fun touching the eels,  sting rays and the creatures in the touch pools.  thank you Richard for letting us touch the sea creature in your aquarium.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Today we have been exploring group roles when working in a team.  We worked in groups to identify what each role means.  We looked at the role of Reporter.  We think that a Reporter would:
  • Share their group ideas with the rest of the class
A Reporter would:
  • Introduce your goup
  • Use a lion voice not a mouse voice - a clear voice
  • Speak at a steady pace - not too fast and not too slow


We looked at the role of Recorder.  We think that a Recorder would:
  • Take photographs, videos or write down the team ideas
A Recorder would say:
  • "Slow down, I can only write one idea at a time!"
  • "That's a good idea, lets write it down."


We looked at the role of Collector.  We think that a Collector would:
  • Collect all the equipment.
  • Get equipment ready.
  • Encourage everyone to help put equipement away
A Collector would say:
  • "What do we need?"
  • "Do we have everything?"
  • "Come on team, help me pack away!"

Group Leader

We looked at the role of Group Leader.  We think that a Group Leader would:
  • Help our team members
  • Explains what to do
  • Be a time keeper
A Group Leader would say:
  • "Get your thinking caps on!"
  • "Come on guys we've got ten minutes left."
  • "Get your pencils ready."
  • "Lets pack up quick and sit on the mat."

Team Member

We looked at the role of Team Member.  We think that a Team Member would:
  • Join in
  • Be a good listener
  • Use their manners
A team member would say:
  • "Do you want to be in our group?"
  • "Please can I have a go?"
  • "Can I help you?"

Managing Self

In the morning we get organised and ready for the start of  the school day.  That means we have to get our pencil, our book bag and our homework book plus our minute maths ready.  When the bell rings we sit at  our desk and read a book.  That is how we get organisd everymorning.  In the afternoon before we go  home we tidy our desks and get ready to go home at home time.

The Minstrel

Yesterday the Minstrel came to our school.  The Minstrel is a man who travels around New Zealand in a caravan singing songs and teaching schools. 

The Minstrel sang many songs.  He was teaching us about water safety and fishing for the future.  This means that you need to put the little ones back so they can grow, and gigantic mummies and daddies back so they can have baby fish.  His wife gave the posters and stickers out and she was great at dancing.  He asked us questions.  The Minstrel  told as what to do if we fell out of a boat too.  You must always wear a life jacket to keep you safe. 

We thought he was silly and really funny.  We learnt a lot! Thank you for teaching us!