Stuff for Parents

Find links to interesting articles about learning on this page of our blog.   The articles may or may not reflect my teaching or the school's ethos or pedagogy but may be interesting to read and thought provoking.

Want to create a family blog?
A family blog is a great way to share and keep in touch with family around New Zealand, in the fact any where in the world.  Check out the help videos on YouTube's BloggerHelp's Channel to find out how.

How should we protect students online?
Article discussing the use of social networking (e.g. facebook) as opposed to protected virtual learning environments.  'Beware Walled Gardens - Part 1'

Information on supporting your child with their homework from the Kiwi Families website.

Why blog?
In the article 'Mystery Solved - How to get boys to write' the author suggests that blogging may help children improve their writing skills