Thursday, May 5, 2011

Against All Odds

Our first step into researching for our inquiry context 'Against All Odds' was to watch videos about extreme places in the world where humans explor and have adventures and wildlife need to adapt and survive 'against all odds'.  We linked this to our work on Solo Taxonomy and the key competency:  Thinking.  Watch the Voicethread above to find our the type of thinking we have been experimenting with :)

Here is a rubric we created to explain how we are thinking for this inquiry so far.  In the above Voicethread you will hear 3 different types of thinking.  Can you spot them?  This is our first experiment with using a rubric for thinking.  We hope you enjoy it :)

(by Miss Watts)

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  1. Hello room9

    I have missed you so much and im sorry that i didnt email you guys but i might email you soon.miss you (:):

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