Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kiwis Against All Odds!

I found a book in the library called "Tahi, One Lucky Kiwi".  It told us about a kiwi who had his leg stuck in a trap.  His leg had to be amputated.  He survived against all the odds.  It is difficult being a kiwi because humans chop down their habitats to build houses and roads.  There are predators who kill kiwis and their babies and eggs.  Stoats are really cute looking but they are really bad for our native creatures.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Commenting on Blogs

Today we revised how to make an academic comment on a post.  This is what we decided:
  1. Say hello!
  2. Explain why you like their blog post
  3. Ask them a question
  4. Write your name to say who the comment is from!

What is a good digital citizen?

A digital citizen is a confident and capable user of ICT

What does this mean to Room 9?

A confident and capable user of ICT means you feel comfortable using the computer.  Capable means you can do it easily!  Our class is good at blogging, using Skype, PhotoStory3 and Windows Movie Maker.  We also love using the iPad.  We can use our IWB and our class camera.  We are also getting good at sharing our learning on Voicethread with the world.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Skyping Room 11 @ E.G.S

Today we Skyped Room 11 at Enner Gylnn School.  We like skyping Room 11 because we share ideas.  Both classes made posters with our names, faces and our favourite things to do, so today we played a sort of guess who.   It was really awesome.  We shared what we had been learning.  Mairi, Charlotte and Tyler shared our drawings of Mowzer from the story 'The Mousehole Cat'.  Trent and Ollie shared their thinking about the result of our science experiment. We think skyping is excitingly cool.
Key Competency: Participating and Contributing

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Science Experiment

On Wednesday last week Room 9 did an experiment about warm and cold.  We put a bag in another bag and put cotton wool in betwen the bags. We also did it with butter.  Then we put water and ice in an ice cream tub.  First we put the cotton wool one and an empty bag in the water and ice.We all took turns to put our hands inside the bags.  Then we had to tick our sheets to explain which one kept our hands the warmest.  (Caleb and Mairi)

Watch the movie that Nikita and Zoe made to share our learning.

Watch our voicethread to listen to our predictions and explanations about what we have learnt.  We tried to use extended abstract thinking to link our experiment with the real world.  We wanted to find our how animals survive against all the odds in a cold environment. (Tyler and Miss Watts)

Key Competency: Thinking

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Against All Odds - Inquiry Learning

As part of our inquiry we have been finding out about human explorers and adventurers, and animals that live in extreme places like Antarctica.  We decided to carry out an experiment to find out how animals keep warm.
Solo taxonomy science
View more presentations from Emma Watts.

Key Competency: Thinking

Friday, May 6, 2011

Duck Shooting!

This morning we saw a sign on the swimming pool's construction fence. It said "Duck Shooting!"  Someone had also put rubber ducks and decoy ducks in the muddy water!  This reminded us of the key competency relating to others because it is important to have a laugh with each other.  It also reminded us of our fish philosophy where we have to play and have fun.  As well as our school value getting along.  Further more it reminded us of the habit of mind finding humar. We think the suspects are Mrs. Climo because her husband Mr. Climo is a hunter, Mr. Barnett because he has an excellent sense of humour, or Mr. Drummond!  Or maybe it was YOU!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Against All Odds

Our first step into researching for our inquiry context 'Against All Odds' was to watch videos about extreme places in the world where humans explor and have adventures and wildlife need to adapt and survive 'against all odds'.  We linked this to our work on Solo Taxonomy and the key competency:  Thinking.  Watch the Voicethread above to find our the type of thinking we have been experimenting with :)

Here is a rubric we created to explain how we are thinking for this inquiry so far.  In the above Voicethread you will hear 3 different types of thinking.  Can you spot them?  This is our first experiment with using a rubric for thinking.  We hope you enjoy it :)

(by Miss Watts)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Our New School Swimming Pool

My Grandad and his mates are helping to make our new swimming pool.  The old swimming pool was crushed by a big digger.  It is very noisy because the digger is doing a lot of digging.  The mud is very sticky and it sticks to your shoes.  I am excited about the new swimming pool.  I cannot wait until our class can go for a swim.

Against All Odds

Our inquiry this term is called against all odds!  What does this mean to us?
  • It is about maths because of the all the odds numbers. Nikita & Trent
  • Its about Anzac Day because the New Zealand & Australian Army Core fought against others. Jed & Connor
  • Against all odds its doing something that is complicated.  Ollie
  • I think it is when you make something make sense. Charlotte
  • When you are the odd one out.  Mabel
  • Against  all odds means going against all rules.  Tyler