Thursday, July 14, 2011

Junior School Production

We are very excited because our mums and dads are coming to watch our production tonight. So far we have done a dress rehearsal and two performances.  It was cold outside when we had to wait our turn to go on stage!   Zara and I are chickens.  We have yellow rubber gloves on our feet and we are pretending that they are chicken feet.  It looks very funny and feels a bit uncomfortable to wear!  I am one of the main characters, Farmer Mac!  I thought my face paint looked funny but actually it looks awesome!  It was kind of hard and kind of easy remembering my lines.  I have LOTS of lines!  We are both having so much fun!  Take a look at our video.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Junior Production Rehearsals

Now we are at the piont in the production when we do a lot of rehearsals.  We are lucky to be main characters because there were a lot of people orditioning for a one person character.  My name is Connor, I am Farmer Black. I am a mean farmer.  My name is Jonti, I am the cow and I can walk on two legs.  Our production is called The Farm At The End Of The Road.  A lot of our class our main characters.  Some are in the choir singing beautifully and the others have created an awesome possum dance called Possum Bossum.

Film Premiere

On Saturday night we went to the premiere of the Kids Can Film Festival.  We walked down a red carpet because we had made the movies!  The winners got to ride to the premiere in a fancy car. We felt proud of ourselves as we walked into the cinema.    We were a little nervous about watching our own films on the big screen but when we watched them they were amazing.  It reminded us of how much fun we had at the Kid Can Film Festival making them.  We felt really famous going down the red carpet.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Film Festival Fun

We have been learning to take different shots and we were having allot of fun. In this class there are three special kids who got chosen for the film festival and their names were Tyler, Madison and Charlotte.  We  were doing lots of fun stuff ! We were put in to different teams.  Madison and Tyler were in Hot Shots and Charlotte was in the Temeku Tuatara. Our theme to make a movie was change because we started off as normal kids and changed into film makers. Each team had to think of a different type of change to make a movie about. There were a lot of other studetns from other schools that we have made friends with.  When  Mrs. McRobert (Kellie) ask us what our favourite thing at the Film Festival, Tyler said making  new friends, making movies and having lots and lots of FUN! 

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